Immigration to the United States is the subject of many news articles currently. It reads a lot of things, sometimes contradictory. On the E2 visa, we read unfortunately sometimes a little … “Anything” …, especially on the Internet. Here are the official statistics on this investor visa that allows you to come live in the United States via the creation or buyout of a company.

Year E France Visas E World Visas
2010 1616 36318
2011 1812 39997
2012 1852 45110
2013 2402 50141
2014 2791 53054
2015 3428 59221
2016 3451 63429
2017 3089 62974
2018 3252 60438

 Evolution of the number of E visas granted in France

What conclusions can be drawn from these statistics on the E2 visa?

First of all, the E2 visa is more and more known and more and more requested. Since 2010, when I got mine, the number of acceptances has more than doubled, from 30,000 to 60,000. At the level of requests made by the French, the trend is the same. These figures also include renewals.

The usual duration of an E2 visa is 5 years, there are currently 60 000 acceptances per year, one can broadly speaking, draw as a conclusion that there are about 300 000 people present thanks to this type of visa. The USA currently. That’s the figure I got from my research.

And the refusals in all this?

Hard to find numbers on refusals but Flores USA has resources!

In 2018, 57,670 E2 visas have been requested worldwide. 41,181 were accepted, which means that 13,489 were refused, ie 23%. This rate is rising, it was 18% in 2013 for example. You will see below Flores USA figures but one of the features of our records is that all, without exception, have been presented with the support of immigration lawyers. Flores USA refuses to intervene for customers who would like to go there alone without a lawyer or whose ” advisors ” (but not payers in case of refusal …) would not be lawyers.

The E2 visa in 2018?

If there is one question I get on a daily basis, is this “What is the impact of Trump’s election on the E2 visa?” “. Let’s be clear, to date: the impact is low. I have no feedback that indicates any “instruction” regarding their granting. Anyway, there are rules, they are quite simple and they are applied, point.

What future for the E2 visa?

There have been draft amendments to the laws governing the visa, there has even been a photo of a relative of the president in front of a whiteboard on which it is indicated that changes would be forthcoming … This may only be fake news, no idea. It is impossible to know at this point if changes are coming. There have been so many bills to reform immigration … All have remained at the draft stage. If this happens, we will advise, but if you stop your projects because of that, it’s because the real motivation is not there. Risks, there will always be some.

Update of 23/02/2019 statistics relating to the Visa E2 Investor.

As is the case every year, I update this article to keep you informed of developments in E2 Visa statistics. So I integrated the figures 2018 and the trend is a little upward for the French after a drop of 10% in 2017 but it is a decline confirmed at the global level. Let’s face it, the current political discourse on immigration has an impact on visa applications. In the interests of transparency, I also mention here that, unfortunately, 2018 saw for the first time two couples of customers of Flores USA having their visas refused. I will not go into detail there are difficult human situations behind. We analyzed the situations in question and, without commenting on the decision of the embassy officer, a sovereign decision, the schedule required that these two refusals took place over a short period (1st quarter of 2018) while he at that moment seemed to perceive a certain hesitation in the organization/decisions. Since then everything has come back in order. Without giving precise figures (an article will be done on this topic later), Flores USA since 2010 (we had another name at the time), it is about 100 E2 files treated as a consultant and/or broker, 98 acceptances, 2 refusals.

How to be certain to obtain the E2 visa?

It is strictly impossible to be “sure” to obtain this famous sesame, and if you are told the opposite, we lie to you. The final decision is always made by the immigration officer who will review your case.

By cons, a good preparation, professionals around you, it will maximize your chances. The main tips:

  • Prepare your project, prepare your project, prepare your project …
  • If your English is “weak” (difficulty to exchange, to understand the questions, to answer them), it is imperative to work this point very early.
  • Surround yourself with professionals: Immigration Lawyer, Chartered Accountant (CPA), Business Broker, Business Lawyer…
  • Keeping a good cash reserve aside, there are always surprises
  • Give back all you think you know, be curious, open, ready for a change … because in a year you will have changed your vision of the world. The ability to “pivot” or “bounce” is paramount.